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Janine Hedback is a very thorough and competent professional who I trust will always have my clients, professional partners and personal best interests in mind. However, Janine would not hesitate to tell me when he had to curb actions or ideas based on her firm’s policies and procedures and of course the law. I always feel heard and understood and her fierce sense of humor is an essential ingredient to enjoying the process of legal issues and formalities. Janine never misses a scheduled meeting and always is responsive to calls, texts or emails. What I especially liked about Janine Hedback is her ability to remain calm in crisis situations. A true professional of this industry!


Great service and attention to detail. We felt like we were in great hands throughout.


I am so glad I was introduced to these professionals. They took the time to listen to me, explained everything so well, and made me feel confident in myself and their work. Thank you so much!!


Janine is fantastic to work with - made a trying time easier, and she couldn't have been more helpful.  Highly recommend this law firm!


Janine and the rest of the team are very personable and professional. I highly recommend working with them.